Norah O’Donnell called Venezuela’s government ‘Authoritarian’…Does she mean ‘Socialist?’

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The other night I watched Norah O’Donnell on the CBS Evening News. She was covering a story about a Venezuelan refugee (also a journalist) who’d been threatened by the Venezuelan Socialist government and feared for her life. She escaped with her 2 year-old son by walking through the jungle and crossing the Rio Grande to get to safety in America.

Norah explained the situation and said that Venezuela had an Authoritarian Government (visible if you click on the link below) -Last I heard they’d voted themselves a Socialist Government.

Venezuela has the Socialist Government that many Americans are now pining for here in the USA- So then was it a Freudian Slip: an unintentional error revealing subconscious feelings? That Socialists are Authoritarian?

Or did Norah not want to admit that the government was a Socialist government? Was she trying to cover that up?

Why are so many Venezuelans trying to escape from Venezuela? The same people who voted the Socialists in, now want out of the country. Did the nirvana the populace were promised turn out to be just a bunch of lies so that the corrupt officials could take over the oil rich country? Apparently so…

At 00:36/2:09 Norah calls it an Authoritarian government…The rest of America and the world call it a Socialist government

4 thoughts on “Norah O’Donnell called Venezuela’s government ‘Authoritarian’…Does she mean ‘Socialist?’

  1. MM-Good on you! Yesssssssssssss. Totalitarians not in power will tell any lie, commit any crime, do any sexual predation or perversion, and corrupt anyone even their mama to get into power. Overstatement? wacko? just look at the Democrat Deep State in America and the Deep Church in the Vatican. email me. Hope you and yours are all safe and healthy. Guy, Texas

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  2. Dear Guy, I miss you and all the poets from the CL days…Are you still writing poetry?
    I emailed you at your blog email since I deleted the old CL email I used with that account that had your personal email.
    I read the “Chinese Cinderella” by Adeline Yen Mah. In her book she describes how when the Communists took over China, they began assaulting the rich, and people of any means and eagerly took over their money: and chastised the poor for being ‘greedy’ who thought they were going to get free stuff under them. Her family had to flee China because the Communists’ wanted all they owned for themselves, not for the poor, but to satisfy their own greed. Many have an idealized vision of communists, but the communists turn out to be in it for themselves, and to blast religion- which they work to squelch.
    In Venezuela, where I spend a few summers, and have many relatives, the government that has taking over has so far done nothing for the people but oppress them. Even the poor got poorer.


  3. Yes, and she didn’t want to admit any connection between the Socialist takeover of Venezuela and it’s complete collapse.


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