Sunday Morning

HOLLY 1Sunday Morning

The cat looks at the world
Outside its window

The grass looks good for stalking in
For hiding till ready to pounce at dragonflies and mice

Tall brown trunks with green tops that flutter
Seem so delightful for climbing

Flying feathered creatures and small furry scuttling thingsHOLLY 2
Look playful and maybe tasty too

The cat’s tail twitches and wags as it watches and dreams
Till the car full of people comes back

Cat greets them with purrs
And is finally given breakfast

The family is loud, talking of sermons
Other worlds outside their windows

Michele MarieHOLLY 3

(Cat shown is our very own ‘Holly’~ She was left in a cardboard box at the back door of the veterinarian’s office on a VERY cold December day at 3 or 4 weeks old.  She was saved from freezing to death as she was a feral kitten, flea infested, and had a distended stomach.  We took her into our home when she was 6 weeks old.  She’s eight years old now, and lives a VERY comfortable life…)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

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  2. Love the pictures of your cat (baby). Your story is great as well. I’m so glad you rescued such a cute little baby and gave her such a wonderful home. I have 3 little rescued babies of my own… 2 cats, 1 little dog only a mom could love… I’ll post pictures sometime 😀 Thank you for visiting my blog recently as well as my friend John’s blog. He’s a much better writer than I am. I only write or take pictures for my own enjoyment, but it is nice when someone else seems to understand my poetry or likes my photos. I’ve gotten some good advice which helps me learn too. Very enjoyable post! 😀


    • Thanks for your lovely words. And incidently, I love your poems~ Sometimes our best work, our truest work is that which we do for our own enjoyment- that is, the work we do that is unhindered by worrying about the expectations of others- So keep writing for yourself 🙂 It seems to work for me- What I mean is, your poems really hit home, and our without pretence, I really appreciate them 🙂


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