Once…a long time ago

nomadA long time ago I opened my heart up to a priest of the Lord about how stressed I was in my life, about how, even though I tried to follow God and goodness, that I had no peace.

He told me, “Michele, when you truly become a woman of prayer, all your dreams of peace will be realized…”  inspired words…

That priest passed away, but his words stay with me.

I certainly have more peace than I had then, but I realize life is a journey, and we’ve never fully arrived until we’ve reached our true homeland in the next life…

Nomad At Night

Wind scorpions move safely under night’s cover
A long life’s  journey erased on windswept dunes
The nomad travels under the stars
Following the rise of many moons

Final morning of hardship’s travels
Then the Nomad will lie down at the feet

Of He who watches in the West
Waving forward those He’s waited to meet
Surrounded by banquets, with music and song!
Hair shining the light of  dawn’s grandeur

The nomad is amazed to see Him so
Never knowing his King was not poor

Surrounding those who’ve known nothing but want
Crowds come around to greet and embrace-
But the eyes of the arrivals, (for now there are many)
Stay on the love and  beauty of One most welcoming Face.

Michele Marie

8 thoughts on “Once…a long time ago

  1. And the universable message is this is each and all of us-and I think [hope I’m eright] at “Final morning” each of us “nomads” see that we are children of the King, princesses and princes, and also royal. Guy McClung, San Antonio


    • Thank you, Guy. You are very right! Thank you for catching the ‘final morning’ part! And yes, we are all the kings children! (How lucky we are!).


  2. It seems to me that so many others spend their entire lives wondering how life benefits them, especially in lucrative places such as we live today. “How can I get a better car, How can I send my child through college, or how can I prosper more?” Some live their entire lives without actually asking why life itself even exists, preferring to dwell only on how their own lives can be improved. Those who seek, shall find. You are seeking the meaning of life, Michele, the reason we are here – not how we got here – whether by Adam or by evolution makes no difference – that is only a stumbling block to cause us to argue with our brothers and sisters. As is also the notion that life is some reward, a world we are sent to enjoy somehow – how could that be when we live in the midst of death, which befalls everyone you have ever known or loved, to include your priest. We are not here for a reward, but to learn to love. Peace is love. “Dear Teacher, tell me how I may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” “Verily, I say unto you… Love the lord, your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. And love one another. Do these things and you will have eternal salvation.” Salvation. Life is something we need to be “saved” from. That’s the message I’ve found. Forgive me for hijacking your page… Unfortunately I have trouble locating my off switch when I find a true seeker…. Keep the path.


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