My daughter and I went to the circus awhile back, and as we went into the big tent, there was this arrow pointing right. I thought it funny and relevant that she didn’t see the arrow, and turned left, (which of course was the wrong way to go~) So after we’d both had a chuckle, […]

Children in Church… Some are Missing the Point…

Sometime ago, my father and I went to get some fast-food for lunch. While there, a mother and three daughters came in.  My father became silent, and discreetly watched them order their carry-out and then leave. “Do you know them?” I asked, when they’d left. “No. Not really” he said, then proceeded to tell me […]

By the Fireside

By the Fireside… I long to sit and write poems Warmed by a crackling fire I long to share With fellow poets, writers, and artists Drinking wine Listening to their readings-   I have no fireside, And poets live far away The chores pile up I cook, wash, and sweep Though using a pen when […]

Fancy Wedding Receptions, and Not So Fancy Wedding Receptions

I’ve been to a couple of fairly ‘fancy’ wedding reception at exclusive places that only well-to-do people frequent and can book weddings at. And they were wonderful! But mostly there were the others. One was the wedding of my brother and sister-in-law. After the wedding ceremony itself, everyone spilled into the church basement to a […]