2 thoughts on “My Philosophy Is…

  1. Dear Michelle-I disagree with most of what AH says. It does matter that we are examples to others of the love of God and that we are going to a heavenly city, not into the ground – i.e. what others think of me because of how I live does matter. You should expect that God will love you and care for you right up to your last moment on this earth and that He will do everything He can, without turning you into a mercy robot, so that you will choose freely to be with Him for all eternity. The only things that “make life easier” are trying to act in accord with His will as much as we can -“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.” At the core of what is wrong with America is the me-me-me-now-now-now-more-more-more eat drink and be merry for after death there is nothing mentality. Guy McClung, San Antonio TX


    • Thank you Guy! I never meant it in that vein. I meant it in the vein, for example, of what a dear relative is going through right now. In the vein of: there will always be critics and naysayers, and those who choose not to understand. This dear relative was dumped by a serious girlfriend. There were some who embraced and consoled him, and others who mocked him. There are those who choose kindness and understanding, and those who choose to find a way to criticize, who prefer to gloat at a mistake or downfall, who choose not to see, not to understand, and not to be kind.

      I agree 100% with your comments above also.

      I guess the best way to qualify my interpretation of the meme is to say, don’t worry about what others think so long as your road is straight, your direction is pure, your outlook is truth, and God is your everything. In other words, so long as you attempt to follow virtue, good example and Truth, forget the critics. Don’t be a people pleaser, don’t be a flatterer of persons, don’t be overcome by human respects, or you will be overcome, frozen with fear and inaction, and unable to find and fulfill the calling you were created to do!


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