Difference Between an Artist and a Poet…

van goghMy daughter said, ‘I wish I could see the world the way a poet sees it,’

“But YOU are an Artist. It’s kind of the same.” I answered.

She said, “No, it is quite different.”

A few days later I asked her to explain, and this is how she explained it~

“I guess maybe as an artist I see things, and they go into my head quietly and get processed through my mind quietly and come out quietly. And as a poet, you see things and then your head is filled with words and fancy descriptions and literary references and instead of just seeing the thing, you see all these metaphors and stories that you apply to it.”


Leonardo_da_Vinci_2“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

(This post is a continuation of a prior post, “A Poet’s Mind” – which I followed up on since it triggered questions as to what was the difference between the a poet and a painter)

11 thoughts on “Difference Between an Artist and a Poet…

    • Thank you Wendell- That lost Egret, that flew low over my backyard early one morning, flying with power and purpose, provided my blog posts, for which I am grateful:)


  1. Michele, this is a really interesting point of view. However both, painter and poet, are inspired though by their surrounding and the impact of those surrounding on their own imagination, emotions and thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing. Francina


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