Novel writing, when it writes itself…

book 3You know you’re onto something when the novel keeps writing itself, its scenes, and developing its own story while you’re walking, washing dishes, driving and doing other things…

The trick is, to get those words down so that they aren’t forgotten and lost to oblivion.

My story has been a long time in the making. I’ve kept it a secret since I’ve seen that many writers are always looking for inspiration. As soon as Harry Potter came out, trillions of stories of wizards, magic, and sad little orphan boys having wizardly adventures came out. As soon as Percy Jackson came out, quadrillions of stories came out about clever kids who battle mythical gods from of old.

No siree! Keeping my story under wraps…and no, it’s not about a girl who uses a bow and arrow to play hungry games and be admired by the masses as she battles powers that heretofore have controlled the masses.

So, no teasers here, lest there be a zillion novels about xxx that beat me to my own story. The idea came to me years ago. But I’ve been limited in time and busy writing and doing other things besides novel writing.

Times are changing, and I’m finally able to write between the billion of things I do each day. So champagnehere’s a toast to writing a story…the story I’ve wanted to tell for years now!

Love to all.

6 thoughts on “Novel writing, when it writes itself…

  1. Michelle Marie-I always ask my kids before I go see a movie: Does good win? If not, I don’t go see it. Like the punk in Dirty Harry, about your story-I gots to know: in your story, Does Good Win? Even if you write one sentence a day, write it. And don’t sell the movie rights for less than $2,000,000 plus a % of theater gross. Guy McClung, San Antonio


  2. Dear Guy! What a great criteria for movie watching- and teaching your kids in the process! “Does Good Win!”
    And oh yes! Good does win in my story. Not only does it win, it is ‘discovered’ ‘unearthed’ ‘sorted’ ‘manifested’ and ‘revealed’—
    As far as movie rights… I’m not going there yet. All I care about is getting published some day. I’d settle for self publishing, starting at the bottom. My goal isn’t $$$$– instead my goal is to become a more full time writer. That would make me happiest!


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