He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God…

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

I remember a fellow I once knew when I was much younger.

He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God. So one day, in casual conversation, I asked him, ”How can you believe in God and still steal?”

He didn’t deny the theft, instead he answered, “I believe there is a book of life that has decided if I’m going to heaven or not.  My name is either in it, or it isn’t.  I have no control over it. What I do doesn’t matter.” 

I don’t remember what I said. It was a long time ago and I was quite young and doubt I said anything that profound and for that I’m sorry. But I wish I’d said something like, “Your actions here and now decide if your name is in that book or not. It’s not random. You choose. You choose to do good things, then your name is in that book of life. You choose bad actions, and your name might not be in it.” 

 I hope others know that God wants them in the book of life even more than they themselves want to be in it. But if we want to spend eternity with God, do we live in such a way that shows it?

Do we live in such a way that brings us into relationship with God? How do we draw near to Him, love Him, or know Him? Last I heard, Love is a 4 letter word spelled “T” “I” “M” “E” . 

Time. Do we spend time trying to get to know God, reading about Him in the scriptures or spiritual books? Do we pray and ask Him to show us our path? What is prayer? It’s talking to God in our thoughts or words or actions. Prayer is sometimes just thinking of God, or reading the bible, or other books about Him.

Do we live our lives separate from God? Then does it stand to reason that we will spend eternity separated from God? What is hell but the eternal and painful separation from God?

That’s something I don’t want to leave to chance. 

(I heard a Spanish song once that called God “el Señor” which translates into “the Sir”based on that, the Sir in the following poem relates to God


Who are you Sir? Do I know you?
May I come by from time to time?
To sit and listen to the wind
As you read?

Are we all in your book?
Are we all subjects that delight your mind?
Do we have a chance of a place in your thoughts?
No answer? No matter.

The sun casts its shadows
The moon creeps to steal the sun’s place
The birds settle for the night
I draw closer.

Who are you Sir? You’ve captured my mind-
No one is like you. That is, no one in Time.

Michele Marie

4 thoughts on “He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God…

  1. Dear MMZQ-Don’t know if I have current email for you, Mine is still … Let me know how it goes. [your emails via your poetry are DO NOT REPLY]

    Re books and booklets-note well-anyone, i.e. ANYONE!- can professionally self publish via AMAZON KDP, and I convinced a friend in San Antonio to do so-and she did it! – I know, bad form to use all the !!!!!!!!!. Her book is The Orange Dragon Bowl, by Betty Notzon. [you might like]. If you put “guy mcclung” in amazon search engine, you can see my efforts at this.
    To all God bless all in this house, and God bless us, everyone.

    MMZQ-you can do a really professional book of your poems – and it truly is free to do this via Amazon. The you wait for the royalty checks to pour in [ my last one was $1.56].

    Guy, Texas

    ps-would and will welcome emails from any and all, esp re writing.

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