If I Write:

“Write of roses, daffodils, and violets,
White linen, drownings, and yellow-wallpaper creeping madness”

If I write:
This artist will write of your painted rainbow mists–
Blue mornings, pink horizons, and golden oceans!

If I write:
This gray moth will write of
Your stained-glass-monarch-butterfly universe!

If I write:
This traveler will write of worlds that collide

The Pacific and the Atlantic!

Powerful waters melding, currents crashing,
Sailor’s graveyard !–You beckoning on Cape Horn!

If I write:
This valley will write of your mountain peaks  piercing the atmosphere
To the star stippled ocean called galaxy!

If I write:
This speck of 7 wonders
Will meld with your colossal realm of 144 wonders.

Michele Marie


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