Life is Often Muddy, Like the Waters of the River Jordan

When our family moved 15 years ago, we stopped into the church that would be our new home parish. The stained glass windows above the altar depicted the sparkling waters of the river Jordan. The waters appeared blue, clean, and clear like some of the Canadian lake waters I’d witnessed long ago when I was […]

Minimalism: “Galadriel: ‘I Will Diminish!'”

Having kids go to college meant that when they graduated, we (parents with a basement) were the “lucky” acquirers of all the stuff the college students didn’t need anymore. Stuff they considered too good to get rid of. Stuff that still sits there in the basement to this day. Two of the things we inherited […]

She found herself playing video games and watching TV all day… The need to plan for a productive day.

I received a phone call recently from someone who’d lost their job. She said she was in a funk, had no energy, had a mile long to-do list and felt overwhelmed. She found herself playing video games and watching tv all day. We had a long talk where I shared what works for me, to […]

One Easy Thing Even YOU Can Do for the Homeless…

Do you have random juice boxes, water bottles, breakfast bars, antibacterial wipes etc. lying around? What if you stuff a lunch bag with a little care package and keep it in your car and when you come upon a homeless person, instead of walking or driving past, hand them a care package? I remember a […]