She found herself playing video games and watching TV all day… The need to plan for a productive day.

I received a phone call recently from someone who’d lost their job. She said she was in a funk, had no energy, had a mile long to-do list and felt overwhelmed. She found herself playing video games and watching tv all day. We had a long talk where I shared what works for me, to […]

One Easy Thing Even YOU Can Do for the Homeless…

Do you have random juice boxes, water bottles, breakfast bars, antibacterial wipes etc. lying around? What if you stuff a lunch bag with a little care package and keep it in your car and when you come upon a homeless person, instead of walking or driving past, hand them a care package? I remember a […]

He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God…

I remember a fellow I once knew when I was much younger. He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God. So one day, in casual conversation, I asked him, ”How can you believe in God and still steal?” He didn’t deny the theft, instead he answered, “I believe […]

The Planned Parenthood Time Machine Clinic

When I was pregnant with my second, the nurse asked if I wanted to keep the pregnancy. I asked her why she would ask me such a question. She said, ‘Well, since this one is so close to your first baby, some moms would think it wasn’t a convenient time to be pregnant.’ A spouse […]

Norah O’Donnell called Venezuela’s government ‘Authoritarian’…Does she mean ‘Socialist?’

The other night I watched Norah O’Donnell on the CBS Evening News. She was covering a story about a Venezuelan refugee (also a journalist) who’d been threatened by the Venezuelan Socialist government and feared for her life. She escaped with her 2 year-old son by walking through the jungle and crossing the Rio Grande to […]

“This is Going to be Another Wasted College Writing Class.” I was Wrong.

In my last semester of college, on the first day of my poetry class, I watched curiously for my new poetry professor. He came through the door maneuvering on crutches; his legs were bent and his knees turned in as he made his way to his desk at the front of the room under the […]