A poet’s mind…?

This morning I grabbed my coffee and woke up the dog to do her morning routine outside.

(This is ‘Winnie’ -our miniature daschund)

I accompanied her outside as lately she seems needy- she doesn’t want to be outside by herself – so I took my coffee and decided to sit outside for awhile so she’d do what she needed to do.

As I was enjoying the brisk morning air, an egret flew overhead.

public domain egretegret wikipedia
(Not actual image of the egret I saw)

So later, as I was driving my daughters to their friends house, I related how I’d seen the egret this morning and how I’d thought,

“An egret! What a beautiful Bird! Like the great  prehistoric creatures of the past! How lucky I am to see one! Fly on!” I watched its white lean body fly across the sky with purpose and power…

I was in such awe!

After a very brief pause, my artistic daughter said, “I wish I saw the world the way a poet does…”

I said, “But you’re an artist! We’re somewhat the same~”

And she said, “No. It’s quite different.”

I’m surprised. I’ve been trying all day to figure out how artists see things…

(Update: Because of interest: I asked my daughter to explain, which she does in my next post “Difference Between an Artist and a Poet…”)

8 thoughts on “A poet’s mind…?

    • Actually, my daughter read this post, and loved how I left it hanging! As in, “…the world may never know…” how artists think…

      Perhaps poet’s ‘feel’ the world and painters/artists ‘see’ the world~ see quote below…

      I read up on how artists view the world, and the difference seems to be that while a poet can describe in WORDS what they see, Artists must draw, paint, or sculpt etc. And maybe that is what she was saying, that she wished she could describe, in WORDS, the art all around her!

      “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
      ― Leonardo da Vinci


      • I was thinking about for myself and thought that when I write music and when I write poetry I am in totally different spaces. With music I’m purely emotion driven and it is fully about enmeshing myself into that emotional flow where as with poetry I have a much more analytical approach and while I will want it to get to that emotional state and can get just as excited about it, it definitely creates a more precision view of the world. If that makes s sense


        • I finally got an answer from my daughter:

          “I guess maybe as an artist I see things, and they go into my head quietly and get processed through my mind quietly and come out quietly. And as a poet you see things and then your head is filled with words and fancy descriptions and literary references and instead of just seeing the thing, you see all these metaphors and stories that you apply to it.” from my daughter, the artist.

          Don’t you think that with poetry, that the initial inspiration is somewhat emotion driven, at least for some poems? The actual writing of the poetry is analytical…

          Although I don’t have a ‘music writing’ bone in my body, (so I can’t compare) I must say, some poems are inspired by pure emotion…


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