Facebook vs. Blog = Fish Guts vs. Steak

For writers, I believe that facebooking vs. bloggingsteak-butter-mushrooms-725x544 is equivalent to fish guts vs. steak.

In more ancient times, fish innards such as Garum, and liquamen were considered delicious as condiments and soup flavorings.

(A surviving fragment of Plato Comicus speaks of “putrid garum” when Martial congratulates a friend on keeping up amorous advances to a girl who had indulged in six helpings of it!! )                  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garum)

Friends and family are separated more than ever by distances, and Facebook provides a seeming connectedness to old classmates, fans, and friends, providing access to people-watching and selfies…

I believe that in future times Facebook will be viewed as Garum is viewed by most now: something to be looked upon with intrigue, maybe delicious in its time, but will trigger much head-scratching.

Blogging, however, is a legitimate tool for writers- fashionistas- chefs- historians-business persons -dieters-photographers-crafters and open to all types of hobbies and professions.

A Blog is a tool that can be used to fine-tune a skill; read other blogs and find out how authors are promoting their books; how business-men are succeeding financially; and what crafters are up to and can teach, etc…A blog can chronicle an illness, seek questions to life’s issues, and give an outlet to a poet. It can tell you bits of history you never knew; show pictures of far away places you will never see; and provide essays to new worlds.

So there it is, fish guts vs. steak–I’m not saying one is better or worse  -I’m just saying they are different 😉

I can choose to watch the parade go by (Facebook), or I can join the parade (by Blogging). Seeing as I used to be in a marching band (I was O.K. at it) I think I will lean toward marching in the parade.

8 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Blog = Fish Guts vs. Steak

  1. I’d rather not march … but the Parade Master rides in a convertible … I can do that 😉
    Though I must admit, I still use Facebook for “group communication” stuff.


    • I too still use Facebook for stuff… However I feel guilty if I leave it for too long-
      Birthday wishes, pats on back, acknowledgement of successes, endless ‘likes’- endless scrolling. It is a matter of time before I leave, not because I don’t like it, (I think I love it!) but because it really doesn’t help me in my writing, neither as a platform (though some experts say it is an important platform- many writers disagree) nor as a tool for writing.
      I do like your mention of a convertible! I think I could get used to that too!


  2. I completely agree with your analysis and of their different roles. Perhaps Facebook will be replaced with something else, but in the meantime, and I speak as someone whose key criterion for accepting (and keeping) friends is whether or not they are welcome in my home and more specifically, at our table. If that’s not the case, sorry for you (or not…) !

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