Inspiration: Advice from the Beatles

CHARLIE BROWN TRIES TO PERK UP THE FORLORN LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREEI once read an article about the Beatles- an interview with Paul McCartney. He said that at first when they were starting out, their songwriting wasn’t very good. But because they loved it, they stayed with it. After awhile they became quite good at songwriting! (Ya think?)

When the Beatles were at their height of popularity, George Harrison was not one of the songwriters.

But when the Beatles broke up, George Harrison went solo and started writing his own songs. “At first his songwriting was really bad,” according to Paul McCartney, but he stuck to it and according to Paul McCartney, “became really quite good.” (Understatement?)

“Inspiration is that funny little thing that happens.”  said Paul McCartney in an interview.

The more you dig, the more you get. The more you dig, the better you get.

For writers, the digging is in writing. If you write regularly, you have a much better chance of being ‘inspired’ than if you wait for times of inspiration. I’ve found that the more I write, the more inspired I get!

So keep writing folks!

Michele Marie

Merry Christmas!

(Reposted today: an oldie but a goodie)

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Advice from the Beatles

  1. Thanks for that, I was basing my info on an interview I saw by Paul McCartney who said he wasn’t, but probably meant that 1. George wasn’t taken seriously. and 2. Paul has a short memory. It makes sense that he was a song writer already, being in the band


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