5 thoughts on “Don’t Judge so Swiftly!

  1. Thank you Russel Ray for your words~ if only all could say the same 😉
    I remember one time a friend #1 came to me and spilled out her hurt and anger over another friends (#2)actions towards her. It sounded like this other friend (#2) had been totally horrible! I said nothing, except tried to tell her that possibly it was all a misunderstanding, taking the advice of Josemaria Escriva- and did my best not to judge #2.
    Then friend #2 called me and told me all that friend #1 had done to her- WOW! what an eye opener- (NEITHER ADMITTED ANY WRONGDOING) –again I said nothing, just listened, tried to give words of peace. It’s hard not to take sides~ But very wise advice indeed 🙂


  2. Good point – in theory. Because brain doesn’t function like this. Therefore, of course we judge the same minute we hear.

    The greatness to be achieved is to try listening to the other part of the story as well – and then readjusting our primary judgement (if necessary).

    Easy saying, difficult exercise … 🙂


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