Writing Time…

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Some things I do to have extra writing time:

  1. I dye my own hair. I realized that by the time I drive to the Hair Salon, wait for my turn, wait for my hair color to set, get the extra color rinsed out, and pay and return home, that I’ve used up a good amount of time that if I’d been home, I could have been writing. Writing instead of the time it would have taken to drive, and writing while the color sets in my hair- (not to mention all the money I save).
  2. I now cut my own hair. Same reasons as above. First of all, I LIKE cutting my own hair. Secondly, once again I’m not wasting time driving, waiting, and driving home again- (not to mention all the money I save).
  3. I quit with the manicures. Too time consuming for the same reasons above. If something really special comes up, I might break down and get my nails done, but other than that…- (not to mention all the money I save).
  4. I’ve given up lots and lots of TV.
  5. Most of Facebook
  6. Chores. Not really. But I’m learning to push them toward the end of the day when possible so that I can write during the quiet daytime when family is out.
  7. My phone. Sort of. I turn it off; or on ‘Airplane’ mode; or just silence it during the day’s writing time. Or I leave it on but don’t answer it until I’ve accomplished some goals.
  8. Some Work. In the sense that I don’t take the extra work hours that become available for my job anymore.
  9. I’ve learned to delegate WAY more than I used to, when it was just easier to do everything myself.

It seems to be working.

I was just talking to a co-worker (who also teaches fiction writers in one of her other jobs)  who said that the most difficult thing that writers deal with is sitting down to write. I think I’m finding my way there. This seems to be working.

What have YOU given up to be able to write?



2 thoughts on “Writing Time…

    • I’m surprised you didn’t mention Twitter also 🙂 I don’t do much with twitter anymore. Some experts will tell you to platform. Hence, Twitter, Facebook, etc etc etc.
      Other experts will tell you to knock it off, and sit down and write. I just find it hard to do both. I’m stretched as it is. No sense ‘platforming’ if I don’t write! Focusing on the finished product is what I’m doing now.


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