I’m not ashamed of my age!

age smallI went to the DMV yesterday and noticed there was an express line for those 65 yrs. old and older. I noticed in the very long lines at every station that the seniors were walked from one station to the other and put at the front of every line. I was impressed with the DMV- they were really attentive to the seniors, and so helpful.

The rest of us were waiting a VERY long time at each station.

Finally, when I was in the cashier pay line, the man behind me (to no one in particular) read aloud- in a quiet voice, “if you pay by credit card, you will be charged one extra dollar…”  there was silence. Then I noticed another senior brought to the front of our line. To break the silence, I said, to no one in particular and without looking at the man, “I can’t wait, in 10 years I get to be in that express lane.”

There was silence as the man processed what I said, then after a moment I heard him ask in his quiet tone, “Are you proud of that? Most people want to hide how old they are.” I looked at him then for the first time. He was a man who bore the tattoos and piercings of a younger man, so many that I thought he was perhaps a former gang member.

I answered cheerfully,  “Why yes I am! I’m proud of my years. I never want to look back. Only forward,” He was quiet and seemed to be thinking.

Then we went and waited for awhile to have our pictures be taken. I was called- answered a few questions including the date and year of my birthday, and sat down. A minute later the man was called. When the lady asked him his birthday, he pointed at me and said boisterously, “Same as hers!” The lady said ‘what?”  He said loudly, “I was born in the same year as her, 1962!” We all chuckled…I hope I made him proud of his years!

15 thoughts on “I’m not ashamed of my age!

    • Claudia, yes you do deserve the front of the line! You’ve earned it! I’d add, “and may your lines be short ones…” but you don’t need to worry! Congratulations on your age 😉

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  1. I had to check what a DMV is (got it now). Totally agree with you about looking forward, though inside this aging carcass is a 17-year old, busting to get out. Mrs B is ever-hopeful she will be asked at the supermarket for ID before buying alcohol…of course, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen too often…

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    • Ah yes, Department of Motor Vehicles…DMV, sorry, I take these things for granted. I too would not mind being asked for my ID when buying alcohol, alas, it hasn’t happened in awhile….


  2. There’s a lot about getting older (I’m 70) that I like, most of it emotional. I wish I’d been this person years ago. Physically, thought, I’ll have to admit, there are losses. Also, I’ve been to too damn many funerals lately.

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    • Definitely there are hard things: like all the old classmates, I’ve found out, that have passed away. And my joints aren’t what they used to be, for sure! But I am a grateful person these days, and grateful for being grateful…Isn’t it true that as we get older, we appreciate more of those things we never noticed before?


  3. Hi, Michelle. I couldn’t agree more with your opinion about growing older. At 79 (this week) I also have much to be thankful for. Keep up the good work! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the benefits of physical activity.

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