Too busy to write that Novel…

cartoonwriterOh my! I’ve just been too busy to write:

Facebook learning that  my old classmate is about to go camping with the girls- yeah, I’m jealous; Finding out that my old neighbor is cooking yummy stuff tonight- (feeling guilty we’re having leftovers);Seeing if anyone else is artsy and likes the picture I put up; Also, must check facebook to see how many comments/ likes/new statuses/ Friend requests… How come I have time for Facebook, but no time to write- eh?

 I’ve been reading about more and more writers quitting facebook since it really doesn’t help their writing. In fact, they find it a distraction to not only writing, but their real life…

Twitter – Must check it many times a day in case I might miss something, like someone re-tweeting a line of my poem! Unless you’re a teenager with a following gaggle of teenagers- or some kind of star, no one really reads your tweets anyway, right? Or if they do, it’s because you’re really funny… But will they buy your book?  
I used to check twitter all the time, but now I’m too busy writing… 🙂

Reading a book– Reading books by other writers is ‘study‘ right? Isn’t ‘studying’ my craft a sign of professionalism? I’m very professional then, so professional in fact, that all I do is study, study, and “Hey! Where’s the next Best Seller list?!!!”

Editing- It seems that when I have a moment to write, I suddenly remember the editing I’m supposed to be doing…(editing someone else’s work!)

Writer’s Groups- How many writer’s groups can one join? They’re great- but if you are not writing, why bother?

Cleaning- Cinderella that I am, I spend a lot of precious writing time cooking and cleaning, rushing around doing errands.  Once read a Facebook picture status that said, “Don’t handicap your kids by making life too easy on them” which (to me) translates into ” Why are you cleaning up after everyone like Cinderella?  Quit!  If they help make the mess they help clean the mess.  The word “MOM” does not translate into “Maid Of Many.” Actually my kids help, but too often it is easier to just do things myself. I’m not helping anyone when I take this approach.

Phone- A few years ago I learned the secret to taming the Phone Lion. I turn off the sound/ringer and check AT MY LEISURE at scheduled times.  Friends may at first rebel, pout, guilt you, or panic.  If your friend calls you with an urgent phone call at 9:00 a.m.  and you don’t return it till 3:00 p.m., you may find your friends feeling unfriendly.  Eventually they learn how you operate, and they adjust.  Real friends will put up with your quirks and bounderies so long as it isn’t mean-spirited…

T.V.- Let’s not even go there. If you’re watching a bunch of tv, you may as well realize you are addicted. That is the first step. Taper yourself to a few favorite shows- but no random tv just to kill time.

Friends- this is important. Friends are important. Face to face contact with friends is important. Don’t kill hours on the phone with them, but instead schedule a time to meet with them over coffee, lunch, a walk, or the park.  Then when friend times are over, it’s back to your writing after a real break!

A lot of people who work full time and have big families have written novels/books. What’s my (and your) excuse?

6 thoughts on “Too busy to write that Novel…

  1. Thanks Michele,

    Great insights. You have learned much from your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    Even though you want to quit Facebook, I’m about to share your wisdom through that medium.

    God Bless,



    • That is awesome, thank you for sharing my post:)!!

      (However, even though I said many writers are giving it up, I haven’t personally said goodbye to Facebook or twitter, just on them way less than I used to be:)

      Thank Don for sharing, not just my post 🙂 but for your comments! BTW, loved your post on Canada, Quebec City as stayed with me, just looked at the pictures again, gorgeous! I will take the liberty of sharing your pictures, unless you state otherwise, the pictures were amazing- my favorite was the Montmorency Falls – Taller than Niagara falls – I never knew they existed~


      • Thanks again Michele,

        Responding to blogs can take too much time. Fewer, more substantial postings, like your recent essay and the poems interest me. It’s difficult to deal with dozens of superficial posts from the same individuals, every day.

        Selected responses to Facebook and blogs will give you more time. You can also reduce access to your facebook account and still use it when you want.

        Picked up a new and interesting Follow, thanks to you!

        God Bless,



  2. I just read this posting, slowly but surely I catch up with what my new cyber friends were up to in the past. I am old enough (waaaay) to be amazed at myself if I go out and forget my mobile and feel like I left an arm home. Didn’t even have a house phone when I was young. Joined Facebook, Twitter to keep grey matter working but I so agree with you, it all gets addictive. Nowadays I concentrate on my wordpress friends…that is until life gets in the way 🙂


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