Minimalism: “Galadriel: ‘I Will Diminish!'”

Having kids go to college meant that when they graduated, we (parents with a basement) were the “lucky” acquirers of all the stuff the college students didn’t need anymore. Stuff they considered too good to get rid of. Stuff that still sits there in the basement to this day. Two of the things we inherited […]

One Easy Thing Even YOU Can Do for the Homeless…

Do you have random juice boxes, water bottles, breakfast bars, antibacterial wipes etc. lying around? What if you stuff a lunch bag with a little care package and keep it in your car and when you come upon a homeless person, instead of walking or driving past, hand them a care package? I remember a […]

He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God…

I remember a fellow I once knew when I was much younger. He stole a watch from a fellow friend but also claimed to believe in God. So one day, in casual conversation, I asked him, ”How can you believe in God and still steal?” He didn’t deny the theft, instead he answered, “I believe […]

The Planned Parenthood Time Machine Clinic

When I was pregnant with my second, the nurse asked if I wanted to keep the pregnancy. I asked her why she would ask me such a question. She said, ‘Well, since this one is so close to your first baby, some moms would think it wasn’t a convenient time to be pregnant.’ A spouse […]