Robert Frost

“…Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words…” Time. Just once, I’d give anything to have been a fly on the wall of Robert Frost’s office; poised on the window near where Mr. Frost sat, watching as he bounced things around in his head, perhaps chewing on a pencil end […]

A poet’s mind…?

This morning I grabbed my coffee and woke up the dog to do her morning routine outside. (This is ‘Winnie’ -our miniature daschund) I accompanied her outside as lately she seems needy- she doesn’t want to be outside by herself – so I took my coffee and decided to sit outside for awhile so she’d […]


My daughter and I went to the circus awhile back, and as we went into the big tent, there was this arrow pointing right. I thought it funny and relevant that she didn’t see the arrow, and turned left, (which of course was the wrong way to go~) So after we’d both had a chuckle, […]